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Our Executives

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of OKOK. Our ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful products that connect with people, just like you.


Hayden Yau

Founder, Chief of Financial Operations

As the founder of OKOK, Hayden provides management oversight on technical directions, production, and financials. The majority of his work has been centered around ensuring OKOK's successful growth as a brand and finding solutions to any problem.

Having grown up in Hong Kong, Hayden feels a strong connection to the city and hopes to leave an impact through service. His passion for housing correlates to the housing crisis in Hong Kong, which he recognized at a young age. 

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Our Design Team

The Faces of Our Educational & Artistic Content

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Reika Oh

Head of Design

The Head of Design is key in making sure operations run smoothly in the graphic design team of OKOK, the position makes sure that communication is held between the Director of Design and the Graphic Designers.

​Reika is a passionate and enthusiastic artist with a love for Hong Kong. As the head of design for OKOK, she is dedicated to using her skills to educate the audience in hopes to raise awareness of our mission.

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Our Media Management Team

The Faces of Our Communication Specialists

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Arin Frost

Head of Media Management

Media managers are communication specialists who develop and post all targeted content for various media platforms. They write, proofread, and edit all media content, manage media campaigns, and deliver communications plans.

Arin grew up in a community that is very service-oriented. She joined OKOK because she truly felt that this brand was a big opportunity to help the community and hopefully make an impact on someone who is really struggling. Arin’s job is to come up with ideas of what to post, oversee the content before posting, and post the content.

Our Team: Our Team

Our Production Team

The Faces of Our Video Producers


Tonia Kim

Head Producer

Producers are in charge of videography at OKOK, including scriptwriting, directing, and post-production. They make sure that informational and promotional content can be as engaging as possible.

Tonia makes use of the creative freedom that the multimedium format of videos provides in order to educate people about Hong Kong's housing crisis. She finds ways to make videos the best they can be by writing concise scripts, ensuring effective delivery, and editing to maximize engagement.

Our Team: Our Team

Our Research Team

The Faces of Our Research & Blog Content

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William Wang


Researchers and bloggers help raise awareness among everyone in our community about the effect of sub-divided flats through information and written blogs. Not only do we find information to present on our social media and website, but we also help put blogs together and analyze articles from other sources. 

Will is a passionate writer that feels for those in need. He ensures that research and ideas can reach our audience in a concise and effective manner. He hopes that high awareness and understanding of the housing crisis become a norm in our society.

Our Team: Our Team

Our Events Team

The Faces of Our Event Coordinators


Angelina Lee

Event Coordinator

Events coordinators at OKOK are in charge of the brainstorming, organization, planning of events, and public speaking in hopes of shining light upon the housing crisis and bringing awareness to OKOK's aims.

Upon writing a research paper on housing issues that bedeviled millions of residents, Angelina found that many in Hong Kong remain oblivious to their struggles. Hence she hopes to close the distance between us and the inhabitants of caged homes through fashion as knowing and acknowledging itself can create a change.

Our Team: Our Team
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