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How you can help those impacted by the HK housing crisis

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

by Brayden Yau

The housing crisis in Hong Kong is well-known to human rights activists all over the world, and the notorious cage homes are one of the reasons. Poor people not only become poorer due to exorbitant rental fees for a tiny space no bigger than a parking space, but the minimal hygiene also increases the risk of spreading diseases. There aren’t just a few people living in cage homes. In fact, the equivalent of almost a third of Luxemburg’s entire population lives in cage homes here in Hong Kong. It is therefore highly encouraged that you take action and help the city permanently resolve its housing crisis. Cage dwellers are a nickname for those who inhabit these cage homes, and with a little bit of misfortune, entire generations could soon be confined to the limits of the cages.

Despite the atrocity in Hong Kong’s very own city centers, it doesn't mean all hope is lost. There are many projects and other ways to assist the people who are currently living in cage homes. NPOs, social impact clothing brands, and other projects are dedicated to helping those living in cage homes. ImpactHK is a registered NPO dedicated to assisting both the homeless and those living in unsafe housing. They organize food drives, help with unemployment, raise awareness, gather donations, start fundraisers, and are eager for you to get involved with helping the community. If you would like to get involved with ImpactHK, check out this link to browse their options.

Furthermore, here at unlivable., we aim to help poverty-related charities benefit from the proceeds from our self-designed unlivable. hoodies. Just last summer alone, shortly after the launch of our clothing brand, we have helped raise HKD31,200 in donations, all towards helping the community and those in need of better housing. Our new drop is coming soon, so stay tuned on our website and Instagram for more information!

Lastly, as a social impact brand dedicated to raising awareness about the HK housing crisis, we strongly encourage you to raise awareness about the unfolding situation, educating and informing others about the change you want to see in our home. Gandhi once said to “be the change you want to see in the world”. Not only should we be motivated to help the cage dwellers, but we should also influence others to do it as well. This means using our voices to make the change we want to see happen and motivating others to support our desires. For example, share the negative impacts of cage homes with family, friends, or even strangers. On your next project or next Instagram post, you can add a bio and motivate people to do the same, sharing it with those around them. Every action counts. Remember, homes are for people, not for profit.

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